Life Coaching For Physicians


We all understand the benefit to professional athletes of having a great Coach. Just like pro athletes, physicians have achieved a level of expertise. And just like pro athletes, physicians often hit a roadblock or find themselves somewhere in their career wanting more. A Coach takes the best of those physicians and can help to make them better, moving past the roadblocks to help them achieve their greatest life. As physicians, we were never really taught to deeply examine our own lifestyle and professional desires, needs, and goals. Coaching can help physicians increase self awareness, align personal values with professional duties, and can lead to personal life changes that ultimately have a positive effect on patient care.


What does Coaching look like?

Once we agree to work together, my clients generally meet with me every two to three weeks for 50 minute sessions. Some clients have arranged a different set up to meet their needs. Each session begins with a focus that you bring to the session – something that you wish to have coaching around. I will coach around that focus while keeping in mind your bigger picture. Think about Coaching as a powerful conversation about the things that are most important to you with a person wholly dedicated to your success.

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