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“As a mother of two young children, wife of a physician and an emergency physician myself, finding the right work-life balance where I can feel effective and happy in all three roles has been a struggle. Through Bob’s mentorship and guidance, I have become a confident and capable emergency physician while sustaining a healthy marriage and remaining a loving, engaged mother. Bob’s coaching has improved my performance in all facets of my job. His instruction has enhanced my communication with patients, families, nurses, and consultants, raised my Press-Ganey scores, and furthered my ability to prioritize and stay calm during busy and critical patient care situations. In addition, Bob has helped me develop strategies to maintain a functional and satisfying home life. I recommend his coaching to any physician who hopes to improve their job performance and find the right work-life balance.”

MJ – Physician

“It was a great honor and privilege for me to get to know Dr. Leschke. He was very helpful in assisting me in dealing with the challenges I face in my profession and my workplace.. He is the right person to consult for physicians who have problems with communication at work, have work life balance, stress and burnout issues.

IE – Cardiologist

“He is simply amazing. He was very insightful and extremely helpful.”

PB – Neurosurgeon

“This work has changed my life.  My wife thanks you for what you have done for our family.  CS, surgeon.”

CS – Surgeon

“I would give him 5 out of 5 stars! He was very patient, understanding, and insightful, and I could relate to him as a physician. He also understands our difficulties and the daily struggles physicians face. I would highly recommend him for any other physicians who are having difficulties at work.”

RS – Internist

“I thought my coaching sessions with Bob were going to be about my personal life.  In looking at my core values, we discovered that my personal life and my professional life are intertwined.  As we talked about the various topics, I often found myself surprised by the multitude of “aha moments.”  I felt comfortable allowing myself to be vulnerable and open which allowed Bob to help me discover so much about myself, personally and professionally.  This wasn’t about fixing a problem or fixing me.  It was about learning about myself and finding ways to be successful in a different way.”

MK – Nurse

“Bob guided me to act on logic instead of emotional attachment, overcome feelings of failure and guilt, and accept the actions of others.  Bob has a gift. He motivates positive change through compassion, empathy, and an innate understanding of the human spirit.”

AN – Activist

“With powerful insight, a thoughtful process, humor, and boundless energy, Bob  helped me expand my horizons in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  A great coach and a great person, I highly recommend Bob to anyone who is struggling to find their way or just looking to grow as a person.”

KL – Lawyer

“I love to talk with Bob. He hears deeply, remembers everything, then gets right to the heart of the issue. He asks the right questions and engages me, pushing  me to understand what I mean, what I feel. He’s also fun and funny. At the end of the hour, I know he’s on my side.”

SR – Writer

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