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For Everyone

The fundamentals of Coaching aim to help clients gain more fulfillment in their lives, look at their lives from multiple perspectives to choose the path that they most resonate with, and conquer long held narratives that are keeping them in a comfortable but stifling status quo. I believe there is more in you and I want to help you see it.


For Physicians

Physicians are not provided much training on how to deal with many of the exceptionally complex people issues they encounter. And nearly 50% of physicians experience burnout according to one US study. Coaching can reintroduce physicians to their core values as health care providers, improve overall outlook about their practice, improve time management skills and work life balance, As a result physicians note increase in patient satisfaction and improved working relationships as well as a new lease on life.

  • Understand your Core Values as a physician or health care provider
  • Reduce or eradicate feelings of burnout
  • Achieve your idea of better work life balance and time management
  • Improve career satisfaction which in turn improves patient satisfaction


For Groups

Sometimes learning and growth happens when the journey is taken with others. I am a dynamic public speaker ready to provide large group lectures or facilitate small group interactive or experiential workshops.

  • General burnout
  • Understanding your Core Values
  • Conflict management
  • Building self compassion
  • Doing meaningful work
  • Building group identity
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