Life Coaching For Endurance Athletes


As an athlete, you know that the ability to reach your goal hinges on your ability to physically prepare yourself for the distances that you will conquer on race day. You are also well aware of the mental challenges that go along with preparing for a race, especially if it is your first time or if you are striving for a personal record. These mental challenges can derail the physical training plan unless dealt with, sometimes at the expense of precious time.  Undoubtedly, you have had to work through these challenges. What if you could have access to regular professional comprehensive coaching surrounding the inevitable mental challenges that come with training for such an intense physical challenge?


As a Life Coach, triathlete, marathon runner, and Ironman finisher I am interested in providing you with the opportunity to engage in regular mental coaching with me while you are conquering the physical training on your own. This additional training can only help to better prepare you to succeed on race day.


What does coaching look like?

Once we agree to work together, my clients generally meet with me twice per month for 50 minutes each session. Each client has different needs and my clients always drive the direction of their session. But common themes tend to emerge and so possible and probable topics that I would cover with you could include:

  • Getting in touch with the “why” of your physical endeavor and what that means for you
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Dealing with negative self – talk
  • Redefining normalcy in training
  • Redefining normalcy in relationships
  • Training your “inner coach”
  • Staying cool in the clutch – relaxation strategies and mental rehearsal
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